"Not by oneself, but together we can!"

/A-Stars motto/

Astra Dreimane
"Possible is everything!
The question is only about sufficient or insufficient budget..."

Guntis NurzaĀ 
(project manager)

ArtursĀ  Romanovs
(producer of events for children)

"Childrenā€™s fantasy has no limits! Writing scenarios for childrenā€™s events, I have a chance to return to my childhood ā€“ when roses seem more fragrant, ice-cream ā€“ more delicious and the big uncles, who sit in the governmentā€™s chairs ā€“ more positive!''Ā 
Nanete Neimane
(project manager/translator)
"Nothing originates from nothing. Thereby we must find something to create something. The most interesting it is when we find something, what we never fancied to look for."
Agnese Martisonoka